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The KidSIM Program has demonstrated a commitment to providing accessible, comprehensive, integrated and coordinated health education delivery to both healthcare providers and families. KidSIM is responsible for the training of approximately 6, 000 learners per year. These learners come from all levels of training, from undergraduate learners all the way through to practicing health professionals, and also includes the parents and family supports who care for children at home or in schools.  

The breadth of education programs at KidSIM allow our program to deliver excellent interprofessional pediatric simulation-based training to providers at the Alberta Children's Hospital, as well as delivering pediatric education to rural providers' local environment across Southern Alberta through our Mobile Education Program.


KidSIM has developed a Family Centered Care Program that provides support and training to families, caregivers, education centers and daycares that also provide care for these children outside of the healthcare setting. 

To see a full list of our current programs please download the KIdSIM Annual Report.

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Improved adherence to established clinical guidelines and protocols of ACH staff and emergency staff in hospitals across the catchment area

Baby with Stethoscope

Improved performance of skills of family/caregivers providing in-home care to children with acute illness


Conduct innovative, high-quality, simulation-based research to inform healthcare providers, administrators and families of best practices, which will optimize pediatric patient outcomes from illness


Improved performance of skills of ACH staff and emergency staff in hospitals across the catchment area

Medical Team

Improved teamwork and collaboration of ACH staff and emergency staff in hospitals across the catchment area

Girl at the Pediatrician

Improved patient safety and quality of care through uncovering and addressing patient safety threats


Making A Difference

- RN, Inpatient Unit

“I was informed by the gold senior and unit staff that a nearly identical scenario to the one we rehearsed in sim this morning occurred on the ward. The team and nurses performed just as we rehearsed, and the seizures were aborted after Fosphenytoin. That’s why we train!”

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