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The KidSIM Pediatric Simulation Program at the Alberta Children’s Hospital is offering a one year Fellowship in Simulation Education and Research.  This Fellowship is offered in collaboration with the Ward of the 21st Century and the Medical Education Specialization Program at the University of Calgary. The overall aim of this fellowship is to initiate the process of preparing the candidate for an academic career as a clinician educator, with advanced knowledge and skill in the delivery of simulation-based education and research.

Application deadline is November 30th for a July 1st start date.

Contact our Fellowship Program Coordinator Karly Luca at for more information.



  • Training and mentorship in simulation-based curriculum development, teaching, and learning.


  • Designing and conducting of innovative simulation-based research relevant to the field of health professional education and practice.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of concepts in adult learning theory, experimental design, evaluation, and computer applications in simulation-based education.

  • Participate in the development of innovative simulation-based teaching strategies for all levels of learning: undergraduate and postgraduate trainees, as well as continuing education for healthcare providers.

  • Participate in the delivery of interprofessional education by an interprofessional teaching team.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of key issues in simulation-based education relevant to both the simulation learner and the simulation educator.

  • Initiate, design, conduct, present and or publish a simulation-based research project with the mentorship of the KidSIM-ASPIRE research program leaders.

  • Participate in the structured KidSIM Simulation Fellowship curriculum and other educational opportunities (ie outreach simulation, rounds).

  • Demonstrate a commitment to medical education by considering enrolment in a graduate degree program in education (Masters or PhD).

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